Valley Table Vs. Diamond Table

Valley Table Vs. Diamond Table

Valley Table Vs. Diamond Table: Which Coin-Op Pool Table is Right for You?

In addition to being a fast return on your investment, a coin-operated pool table is easy to maintain. Think of a coin-op table as the hardest worker you never have to terminate. With the countless options available in the industry, selecting the best pool table for your business can be challenging. Diamond Table and Valley-Dynamo offer premium coin-op tables. Here are a few things to consider when you make your decision on a table. 

What Coin-Operated Options Does Diamond Table Offer? 

Diamond has developed the Smart Table to enhance gaming businesses throughout the world. These tables are great additions to bars, billiard halls, game rooms, and even official tournaments. 

The Diamond Smart Table has all the features of the Diamond Professional model, with the same slate, cushions, pocket openings, leveling system, cloth, and rails. Other features include: 

  • A real cue pool ball used for play
  • Available in 7-foot and 9-foot versions
  • Timer allowing for 30-minute games
  • Coin mechanism designed to accept quarters and dollar coins.
  • Money storage inside the table to prevent theft
  • Bi-level pocket design

You can choose the rail and skirt material you want for your table. Because of its premium quality, Diamond's Smart Table only requires upkeep about once a year to maintain its playability.

What Coin-Operated Options Does Valley-Dynamo Offer?

Valley-Dynamo offers more coin-operated options than Diamond for you to choose from. Their Panther ZD series includes five different choices, including the 11X LED, the Highland Maple, 11x Highland Maple, the Black Cat, and the 11X Black Cat. Each choice is available in 6.5-foot, 7-foot, and 8-foot lengths. 

A few key features to note in the 11X series include: 

  • Larger pockets to encourage faster play 
  • Fitted for a card reader
  • Programmable software to customize pricing during peak times
  • Self-contained dollar bill acceptor for values ranging from $1.00 to $20
  • A five-bolt cushion rail system 
  • Dual-density rubber to promote consistency

Valley-Dynamo also offers the Valley Cat table available in a 7-foot length. You can choose a dollar bill acceptor, coin mechanism, push chute, or card reader as a payment collector. This table is also made with smaller pockets to emulate tournament-style play.

The third coin-op series they offer is the Dynamo Pool Sedona. These tables are available in 6.5-foot, 7-foot, and 8-foot lengths and come equipped with a magnetic cue ball separator. 

How To Choose Between a Valley-Dynamo or Diamond Table 

Both pool table manufacturers offer excellent coin-operated options. The key factors you should consider include: 

  • Your clientele: Do you run an arcade that mainly attracts families or do you own a pool hall that attracts players who want to improve their game? For pure recreation, any of the Valley table options are good choices. For serious play, the Diamond table or the Valley Cat table is recommended. 
  • Your budget: Determine the amount of investment you can realistically set aside for a coin-operated table.
  • Your business's layout: The amount of real estate you have to work with is a huge consideration for the type of table you can choose. Note that Diamond Table offers 7-foot and 9-foot lengths, while Valley-Dynamo offers 6.5-foot, 7-foot, and 8-foot lengths. 
  • Your ROI goals: If you want to get a quicker return on your investment, opting for a Valley-type table with wider pockets is a better option. Narrow pockets are more difficult for playing fast, easy games. More money is spent when your players have shorter games.  

How To Prolong Your Coin-Op Pool Table's Life

Because your pool table will get more play than an at-home one, it is important to know how to properly maintain it. Two simple ways to prolong the play quality are protecting the felt and maintaining the rail system.

To preserve and clean the table's felt, inspect the surface for and remove the following: 

  • Chalk: This can be removed by spraying on a professional baize cleaner and wiping the chalk with a microfiber cloth. 
  • Pet hair: This can easily be removed by gently pushing a lint roller across the surface. 
  • Stains: If caught early, immediately spot clean with a microfiber cloth dampened with cold water. If the stain is set, dilute a few capfuls of white vinegar with cold water. Use this mixture to spot-treat the stain. 
  • Grease: Apply baking soda on top of the grease stain and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Gently vacuum away the powder from the felt. 

To preserve the table's rails, prevent them from hardening:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures: When exposed to very cold or hot conditions, the rails are more susceptible to hardening. 
  • Keep your felt clean: Dirt from felt can get trapped in the rails, causing them to be less bouncy. Keeping your felt clean helps to keep your rails in good condition. Try to prohibit placing drinks on the felt.
  • Keep your cue balls spotless: Regularly cleaning your cue balls with a soft towel can prevent wear on your rails. 
  • Avoid wet conditions: If you plan on staging your coin-op table outside, position it under a patio roof to limit exposure to the elements. If this cannot be done, cover your pool table with a thick, waterproof tarp on rainy days to prevent moisture from causing damage. 

Where To Go for Replacements for Your Valley-Dynamo or Diamond Table

While the majority of essential pool table maintenance can be done without any professional help, there will come a time when a simple cleaning and polish may not be sufficient. At Penguin Amusements, we carry everything you need to keep your table in excellent working condition. Whether you need hardware, rails replacements, or ball sets, we are the only billiard stop you need to visit.

We understand that your coin-op Valley-Dynamo or Diamond table is a secondary source of income. This is why we ship most parts within one to two days. If you cannot find what you are looking for within our online collection or you would like to request a custom-made product, feel free to contact a member of our dedicated staff. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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