Most Popular Billiard Games

Most Popular Billiard Games

What are the different types of billiard games?

Billiards is a popular cue sport that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. There are several variations of billiard games, each with its own set of rules and objectives. Let's explore some of the most common types of billiard games:

Straight Pool

Straight pool, also known as 14.1 continuous, is a classic billiard game that requires players to score points by pocketing balls. The objective is to reach a predetermined number of points, usually 150. Players take turns shooting, and each ball pocketed earns them a point. The game continues until a player reaches the target score.


Eight-ball is perhaps the most well-known and widely played billiard game. It is played with a standard set of 16 balls, including one cue ball and 15 object balls. The objective is to pocket all of your designated balls (either stripes or solids) and then sink the 8-ball to win the game. Players must strategically plan their shots and use tactics to outmaneuver their opponents.


Nine-ball is a fast-paced and exciting billiard game that is often played professionally. It is played with only nine balls, numbered 1 through 9. The objective is to pocket the balls in numerical order, with the 9-ball being the last ball to be pocketed. Players must always aim to hit the lowest numbered ball on the table first. The player who sinks the 9-ball wins the game.

Bank Pool

Bank pool is a challenging billiard game that requires players to bank shots off the cushions and into the pockets. Each player is assigned a specific pocket, and they must bank the balls into their designated pocket. The first player to reach a predetermined number of points, typically 8, wins the game. Bank pool requires excellent banking skills and strategic shot selection.


Snooker is a highly strategic and complex billiard game that originated in the United Kingdom. It is played on a larger table with smaller pockets and a unique set of 21 balls. The objective is to score more points than your opponent by pocketing the red balls and then the colored balls in a specific order. Snooker requires precise ball control, strategic positioning, and careful planning.


These are just a few examples of the many types of billiard games that exist. Each game offers its own set of challenges and strategies, making billiards a versatile and engaging sport. Whether you prefer the precision of snooker or the excitement of eight-ball, there is a billiard game for everyone to enjoy.

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