Two team members align and glue rubber to the solid wood rail blanks

About us

Glue being sprayed onto the backs of a new set of rails, before they are covered with felt

About us

Penguin Amusement is a manufacturing company based in Shepherd, Michigan. We specialize in the production and distribution of replacement pool table parts and offer a number of additional products and services.

Fred (in the cap) and some of the team - picture taken circa 2019

Penguin Amusements was founded in 1986, by Fred Taylor (shown in the cap - photo 2019). Fred started the business repairing pinball machines and arcade games.

Whether it was fixing a pinball machine or heading to his shop to create a tool to make his life easier Fred has always had a passion to make things better!  In 1991, that innovative mindset led to Penguin beginning to manufacture their first commercially available product - the Penguin Pinball Dolly. Thanks to Fred's go-getter spirit, a new direction for Penguin Amusements had been set - manufacturing products.

With decades of experience fixing tables, Fred and the team saw and recognized multiple design flaws in mass production rails, and as demand for rails grew, he decided to focus solely on the billiards industry. As they iterated and innovated over the years Penguin continued to improve tables for players of all types - including developing the Pro Pocket - Rails For Serious Players.

While Fred has stepped back from the saws and drills, for a well-earned retirement, the team (including Fred's son) continues to produce rails that lead the industry in durability and playability.

Our product line now features a full array of superior-quality pool table replacement parts and recovery supplies.

Precision made

Perfect Rails Rely On Skilled Craftmanship
Manufacturing in America

Penguin is based in Michigan and has been since the 1980s.

Our manufacturing processes require many unique skills and by maintaining the manufacturing of our rails in America, we keep the USA's knowledge, skills, and jobs.

We offer other products from around the world - like Belgian pool balls (the best in the world), and continue to source pieces and parts from around the globe. When it comes to putting together the Perfect Rail, a small town in mid-Michigan is the only place you need to look for expert craftsmanship and the ultimate playing experience!

Rail blanks being aligned perfectly to be drilled for a specific pool table
Glue being sprayed onto the backs of a new set of rails, before they are covered with cloth